18 Valuable Business Golf Tips by Business Under Par

Forget your opponents; always play against par – Sam Snead

Here are 18 valuable business golf tips from Business Under Par that will help you do quality business through the game of golf.

18 Valuable Business Golf Tips

1. Quite simply, learn to play the game. Unless you play the game, you’ll never understand why anyone, anywhere will want to talk to you about his or her latest round. You don’t want to stand there with nothing to say when your boss or a potential huge client wants to pass the time reliving their greatest round, do you? After talking golf, they’ll probably want to talk about valuable business issues.

2. Learn golf etiquette. Anyone can grab clubs and play with a client or a boss. But if you don’t know anything about the game, you’ll probably spend the day embarrassing yourself, and hurting your stature more than helping it. Find a PGA pro and they can help you (like City Golf’s Hector – hector@citygolf.com.my).

3. Volunteer to help a junior golf clinic. This tip is for those that already play the game. Helping kids is a good thing for obvious reasons, but selfishly you will learn as much about your game as you will help theirs. Watching and helping someone else swing the club allows you time to think about how to improve your game.

4. Ask your clients when you first meet them if they are golfers. If they are, make a note if it and send golf notes of gifts, or invite them to play or practice with you.

5. If you have the means, join a country club or other golf club. There are two reasons to do this. One, you can entertain your clients in a great atmosphere where everyone knows you, but the other reason is that you will meet a lot of affluent, golf-crazed folks like yourself who are perfect for business referrals, etc. Be careful with this one, though. You don’t want to be known as the guy or lady who is only a member to take advantage of the club for business purposes. There are some people who want to keep the club business free, and sometimes that’s a good thing. First and foremost, golf is a game that is to be enjoyed.

6. Practice your short game. If you can putt, chip and hit it reasonably well from 100 yards and in to the green, you’ll generally score pretty well, and you’ll impress the rest of the foursome.

7. Entertain through golf. Buy foursomes in charity events, support the local event by sponsoring it in some way, hold a putting contest, etc.

8. Don’t play so much golf that you forget about your family or your business. As with anything, moderation is key.

9. Pass along good golf books or magazine articles to clients. They’ll appreciate you thinking about them, and they’ll remember the positives of golf.

10. Every once in a while, play a course that allows walking. This is great exercise and walking will clear your head.

11. Find a PGA professional and take a few lessons. They know everybody’s business, and they can introduce you to people that might help you, or that you can help.

12. Take key clients on a golf trip. What’s better than playing one round of golf with someone?

13. Give away quality logo golf balls. Even the richest man in the world always needs golf balls, and if those balls happen to have your logo, that’s all the better.

14. Watch a golf tournament on the weekend while doing a few business items. Everyone can use the weekend to get a head start on the week, and watching a golf tournament allows enough down time between important shots for you to gather your thoughts and get ahead. And it still feels relaxing even though you’re working.

15. Play as a single. It’s fun to meet new people on the course, and you never know who will be in the foursome you join up with.

16. Support the local golf team. Usually there are a lot of prominent boosters who like to support golf so you’ll get to know them. And you’ll get to meet young players on the way up and you never know who will play the PGA or LPGA tours. And you’ll be helping young people get ahead in life.

17. Play quickly. What’s the best way to kill a business deal? Play excruciatingly slow golf with a potential client. Nothing says “I don’t give a (blank) about you” like playing slow golf, and not respecting the rest of the players in the group or others on the course.

18. Try your best on every shot. You may not like the results every time, but at least you’ll know you gave it your all.

CREDIT: http://www.businessunderpar.com/content/view/20/54/

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