A bit of “this and that” over the past few weeks

I know that you have all been waiting longingly for my next BLOG about the going’s on at City Golf, and I apologise for the delay!! Read on, and you will see why there has been the radio silence on my blog page…

TNT Social – 15th February 2012

Unfortunately due to some extremely unusual traffic in KL (Yeah Right!!), we had a couple of pull out’s for our monthly TNT Social. The traffic was caused by a ridiculous amount of rain from a crazy storm, as well as a couple of upside down cars (as a result of the rain!) Rubbernecking seems to be a favourite pastime here, so traffic was at a standstill. Apologies to those who were stuck in the mess.

We eventually had 7 groups teeing off on The Four Seasons Resort Course at Aviara at about 8pm. By the 5th hole, most of the players were wishing that they were rather sitting in the traffic with the rest of the guys that couldn’t make it! You see, Aviara has a habit of getting reasonably tight with their Out of Bounds stakes, and before they knew what was what, a couple of teams were chalking up some scores that a couple of my Juniors would have been upset with! Luckily the kind sponsorship of refreshments from long time partners of City Golf “TNT” kept the smiles from becoming grimaces, and fortunately my course selection didn’t lead to too much foul language being thrown my way! I promise that March will bring a friendlier course, and encourage many more birdies.

The eventual winners on a very respectable 1 over par score were Mark Jones and Simon Grimshaw. There were one or two big numbers on the card, but all in all it was a very respectable round. The Nearest The Pin was won by Mark Jones (after a couple of cracks at it!!) Well played everyone, and as promised, March will bring with it a friendlier layout, with more risk and reward type of golf. Please book as soon as soon as you can. Dates to be announced by the end of the week.

I must also mention that we had a couple of new (and old) faces join our TNT Social in Feb, so please join me in welcoming Tony Pua and Mike Pearce to the City Golf family! Chris Quinn also made a special appearance all the way from Australia, and I was told that he flew up purely for the event!

Please don’t feel shy about inviting your friends, family, or work colleagues to join us for the social. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not such a bad thing to do on a mid-week evening!!

In Between:

The Old Clubhouse is now fully operational. If you have not yet been in to see the shop, your visit is overdue! Without painting too much of a picture, the shop is literally world-class! With a club-fitting “workshop” that looks sterile enough for the construction of F1 Racing Cars, you can sleep easy knowing that your clubs are in the best hands in KL.

Al Guthrie has proudly displayed his “Clubfitter of the Year” awards up in his store along with various other golfing memorabilia. One of our jokes a couple of days ago was that there are more Clubfitter of the Year awards than there are years in the history of Planet Earth!

He really is good at what he does and it is fantastic having The Old Clubhouse on board. City Golf is literally buzzing with feet through the door, and all of Al’s customers are loving the venue as they can have a hit whilst their clubs are being re-gripped, repaired or replaced.

Monthly outdoor social game at Staffield Country Resort – Friday 24th February 2012 

After the usual shuffling around of players, we finally had 6 tee it up at Staffield for the monthly outdoor social game. This awesome design by Graham Marsh and Ross Watson is definitely a course you need to play. It is reasonably long, with some brilliant greens that allow for some tricky pin placements. On Friday morning we found out just how tricky they can be as the course was set up as if we were playing a Sunday round in a European Tour event!


Geoff McLaws played an almost flawless round and managed to walk away with the win, with Gary Cane in second spot a couple of points behind. They both earned themselves handicap cuts for their troubles which was forwarded and seconded by the whole group! Well played boys…




Malaysian Warriors Charity Golf Day 2012 – 25th February

The Malaysian Warriors are the local Australian Rules Football Team, and they hosted their second charity golf day with great success. They managed to raise over RM10,000 for their charity, and City Golf was proud to be associated with such a great event.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the golf day that was held at Bukit Unggul Country Club to host a “Beat the Pro” on one of the Par 3’s. I was placed on the 168 metre Par 3 seventh hole with nothing but my raw talent, and two Eski’s (cooler boxes) filled with “refreshments”. The idea was to first and foremost knock your ball onto the green, but more importantly manage to embarrass the professional who has been hitting balls onto the green all day! I was handed anything from a ladies graphite shafted 5 iron, to a men’s driver to try to hit the ball close to the pin on a well guarded green. A few of the groups made me enjoy a couple of “refreshments” as they went through, so making solid contact at the end of the day became slightly more difficult…!

It was a great laugh, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. All of the participants loved haggling the professional as he tried to make contact with whatever dirty (and barely round) sphere he was handed. A few members of the field managed to hit the ball closer than my valiant attempt, and were awarded with City Golf vouchers to be used in conjunction with a golf lesson (so I guess I have the last laugh!!)

If you have any golf days coming up, or know of any that I might be able to make an appearance at, please let me know so that I am able to get involved and make the day that little bit extra special!!

City Golf Junior Tour – Sunday 26th February 2012

This has been my major project over the last couple of weeks, and we had a pretty fair turnout for the first of what promises to be a very successful monthly (possibly bi-monthly) Junior programme to be held at City Golf on Sunday mornings.

We have named it the City Golf Junior Tour, as kids will be able to play for points which will be accumulated over the course of the year to determine eventual winners in each age group category. I will have the kids compete in a mixture of events including Nearest the Pin, Long Drive, Straightest Drive, Challenging Shots, Course Management Skills etc.

Most of the events will be based around the actual game of golf, and trying to get the ball in the hole as quickly as possible! This will work for most of the juniors. However, for the more advanced juniors, I will introduce a “Big Break” (fantastic series on The Golf Channel) style of play, where the kids will be placed in some pretty bizarre places on the golf course, and they will earn points for negotiating their way out of the scenarios in the most effective way.

The first event was to see exactly what I was dealing with in the way of the knowledge of the basic fundamentals, so apologies for the lack of a structured competition format! I think the kids enjoyed the hands-on teaching, and will certainly benefit from that going forward.

The next event, which is to be held on the 1st April will start the actual “Tour” format, so sign your kids up NOW! More information will be coming your way shortly.

Happy Golfing!!

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Rick is a member of the PGA of South Africa, where he has been awarded Class AA status for his commitment and service of the Professional Golfers Association. Rick hails from South Africa, and has spent his entire career travelling the world teaching and playing the game of golf. With a background in personal training and nutrition, Rick uses his knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body to teach an efficient and pain-free golf swing. rick@citygolf.com.my
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