A day on the golf course with Robbie Fowler? Why the hell not?!

When I received a message from Tom asking if I would like to play a round of golf with Robbie Fowler the next day, I scrambled to reschedule all of the lessons I had booked! I’m not the biggest football fan on the planet as I grew up with Rugby and Cricket as my main spectator sports, but when you are offered a chance to play a round of golf with the fourth highest goal scorer in the English Premier League of all time, you can’t exactly turn it down.

Fowler is here doing some work with Genting Highlands Resort, and he has a couple of days in KL. Gavin from Football Focus Asia gave Tom a call to see if he could rustle up a couple of boys to join Robbie for the afternoon, so Tom, Geoff McLaws and myself hopped in the car, picked Robbie up from his hotel and headed out to Kota Permai for the afternoon.

We decided that “oblong ball” should play against “round ball”, so Geoff and I were paired up against Tom and Robbie.

The match went all the way to the 17th when we finally shook hands. I’m afraid Geoff and I were on the receiving end of a beating. Tom is playing some great golf at the moment, so I knew it was always going to be tough. Robbie played some reasonably solid golf as well which held Geoff and I off for long enough to take the win. Tom made 5 birdies around the tough Kota Permai layout, which is very impressive seeing as he isn’t playing too much golf. My 3 birdies didn’t even affect him, and he has now beaten me twice in the two games that we have played together. I might be asking him for a couple of shots the next time we tee it up!

Robbie is a very down to earth gentleman, and I’m sure he appreciated not being bombarded with questions about his life as a football player. Instead, it was all about the golf and having a good time on the course. It was awesome meeting one of the greatest footballers of our time, and I’d love to have a round with him again…

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Rick is a member of the PGA of South Africa, where he has been awarded Class AA status for his commitment and service of the Professional Golfers Association. Rick hails from South Africa, and has spent his entire career travelling the world teaching and playing the game of golf. With a background in personal training and nutrition, Rick uses his knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body to teach an efficient and pain-free golf swing. rick@citygolf.com.my
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