City Golf has a little face-lift

If you are a close friend of the City Golf family, you will know that there have been a few changes to the venue. Since the doors re-opened, we have heard nothing but fantastic feedback regarding the look of the new venue. As you may have already seen, we have hosted a couple of events and they have gone brilliantly! Have a look at our Facebook page to see some video of our recent events and to get a feel of the new venue.

City Golf caters for absolutely anybody who may be looking to host an event. Even if your group is of a non-golfing background, the cozy venue will be ideal for any business get-together. We are also the ideal host for Birthday Parties and will do everything we can to cater for your every need.

Lessons have also been non-stop since the doors have opened. I have now established myself as one of the go-to guys for a golf lesson in KL. Most of the lessons are via word of mouth which is a great sign! The “Teaching and Fitting Centre” looks fantastic, and with the combination of Flightscope and Full Swing Golf Simulator, it makes it very difficult to deny that having a lesson or having your clubs fitted at City Golf would be a bad call!

If you would like to hold an event at City Golf please contact me at and I will take you through all you need to know about hosting an unforgettable event at KL’s premier indoor golf venue.

About indoorgolfpro

Rick is a member of the PGA of South Africa, where he has been awarded Class AA status for his commitment and service of the Professional Golfers Association. Rick hails from South Africa, and has spent his entire career travelling the world teaching and playing the game of golf. With a background in personal training and nutrition, Rick uses his knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body to teach an efficient and pain-free golf swing.
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