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It isn’t often that I find a product that I am more than 100% happy to teach with as well as to encourage my clients to purchase in order to improve their games.

With the rate at which technology is evolving in the world, there was bound to be a product that was going to blow our socks off. This is it!

The GSA PRO uses a bluetooth dongle that inserts into the butt of the grip. You make swings with it, and it sends the data of the golf swing to your APPLE or ANDROID device. It is ridiculously accurate, and I have seen major improvements in all of my students that are using the GSA PRO.

The dongle is extremely light and does not affect the swing-weight of the golf club

Why I am so confident to teach with this device is because it shows EXACTLY what you want to be doing with your swing plane without me going blue in the face trying to explain it! Even with video analysis, students still have trouble understanding the concept of swing plane. This device makes it incredibly easy to understand.

All of the info you could ever need about your swing

 you can remove the avatar to see more clearly the swing plane details

this shows the move into the downswing. notice how the downswing line is “under” the backswing line

this image shows the complete swing. Isn’t that cool?!

You can also view a face-on image showing the width of your golf swing. This device is BRILLIANT! Please pop in to CITYGOLF to check it out, and more than likely get one for yourself. It is CHRISTMAS after all!

Cheers for now!

About indoorgolfpro

Rick is a member of the PGA of South Africa, where he has been awarded Class AA status for his commitment and service of the Professional Golfers Association. Rick hails from South Africa, and has spent his entire career travelling the world teaching and playing the game of golf. With a background in personal training and nutrition, Rick uses his knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body to teach an efficient and pain-free golf swing.
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