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Greetings everyone. I trust you all had a great festive period, and are well rested heading into the year 2013! I wish you all the very best for the year to come!

I have finally hit a little purple patch in my golf game, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I was playing some extremely average golf last year, and the more I thought about it and worked on it, the worse it got! Now don’t rush to any conclusions and think that I’m telling you to stop working on your swing/game! I am passing on what I discovered in my own game which literally transformed me from shooting in the mid 70’s to breaking 70 a couple of times this year already!

So what did I discover? I had my swing filmed in CITYGOLF to check on a couple of things. I had a look at the swing, and although it wasn’t perfect, it was good enough to get the ball moving to where I needed it to be. I took confidence away from that, knowing that I was making a reasonably decent swing that could get the ball around the golf course in a consistent manner. It may not have been perfect, but it was good enough to have me feeling CONFIDENT.

On the golf course I put myself in a place that I hadn’t felt for quite a long time. I was smashing the driver because I was feeling good (CONFIDENCE), and leaving myself mid to short irons into the green. From the fairway I was giving myself a scenario. I said to myself that if I made a birdie, I would make it into a playoff to earn my tour card. This is obviously a “must make”. The trick is to be able to make the swing under that pressure. More often than not, I managed to hit the ball to inside 12 feet to give myself a realistic chance of making birdie. When you reach the green knowing that you have made two good swings to get there, you are in a great place, and your height of CONFIDENCE is at a peak. When you’re feeling this good, the chances of making the putt are much higher and in your favour. But, if I did miss the putt, so what?! I obviously didn’t achieve the initial goal, but I have walked away with a good par. Walking to the next tee box, I simply reset the game, and worked on making another birdie (another tour-card playoff).

Some may say that this would be trying too hard and could lead to worse golf, but in all honesty it is very difficult to get out of that positive mindset when you are in it. I encourage you to play these “mind games” to increase your confidence. You will be surprised at how positive you will become and how easy the game can be.

Come on in for a mental session with me, and I guarantee you will be feeling like a better player without breaking your back hitting thousands of balls a day!

Here’s to a year of great golf. Cheers for now!


About indoorgolfpro

Rick is a member of the PGA of South Africa, where he has been awarded Class AA status for his commitment and service of the Professional Golfers Association. Rick hails from South Africa, and has spent his entire career travelling the world teaching and playing the game of golf. With a background in personal training and nutrition, Rick uses his knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body to teach an efficient and pain-free golf swing. rick@citygolf.com.my
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