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Yesterday I was giving a lesson to a guy that made Nick Price’s swing look like Ernie Els’s. In other words, he had about as much tempo as a freight train on a dodgy set of railway tracks!

I tried all the drills…Swing with your eyes closed, say “back” when you reach the top of the swing, sweep a ball backwards on the takeaway…. You name it, I tried it.

I then had an epiphany! I grabbed my iPad, went to the iStore and downloaded a metronome application. Within a couple of minutes he couldn’t wipe the grin off his face, and he ripped 9 out of 10 balls onto a green 140 metres away.

If you ask any decent player (who knows more or less what his or her swing is doing) what they are working on, they will more than likely say “tempo”. Tempo is a fickle beast that is not easy to grab a hold of. Once you grab it, you might have it for a round or two, then it slips from your grasp.

The metronome app is unbelievable to practice with. Once the ticking sound is in your head, it is very easy to maintain smooth tempo throughout the swing sans jerky, aggressive dive of the shoulders on the downswing. I’ve hit some balls with the metronome running, and I guarantee that it will help you find smoother tempo on your next round.


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Rick is a member of the PGA of South Africa, where he has been awarded Class AA status for his commitment and service of the Professional Golfers Association. Rick hails from South Africa, and has spent his entire career travelling the world teaching and playing the game of golf. With a background in personal training and nutrition, Rick uses his knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body to teach an efficient and pain-free golf swing. rick@citygolf.com.my
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