An Evening with Talent Corp : Malaysia Residence Pass for Expats

City Golf is partnering with Talent Corp, an organization under the Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia to initiate and facilitate initiatives that will help the country meet its talent needs.

Event : An Evening with Talent Corp on Malaysia’s Residence Pass
Time : 6:30pm
Date : Wednesday 5 October 2011
Venue : City Golf Bangsar Shopping Centre KL

Hi-Tea buffet will be served complimentary of Talent Corp.

An Evening with Talent Corp Malaysia at City Golf KL - Malaysia Residence Pass

Residence Pass

The Residence Pass (RP) is an initiative announced by the Malaysian Government in April 2011 to attract and retain top talent in the country. The RP is offered to highly qualified expatriates seeking to continue living and working in Malaysia on a long-term basis.

What are the benefits?

Holders of the RP will be eligible for many benefits, including:

Being able to work and live in Malaysia for up to 10 years

Being able to change employers without having to renew the pass

The spouse and children (under 18 years old) of the holder will also be awarded the same benefits, i.e. spouse have the freedom and flexibility to work as well

Who qualifies for the Residence Pass?

Currently, the pass is applicable for any foreign talent who has been living and working in Peninsular Malaysia for at least 3 years on a continuous basis. Applicants will have to be approved by the RP panel before they are recommended to be given the pass. Preference will be given to applicants who qualify as an expert who is able to contribute significantly to key Malaysian industries.

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