Live Sport Schedule 7th July to 10th July 2011

ESPN Match Fixtures (Channel 812)

2011 The Charity High1 Resort Open, Korea
07-Jul 13:00 Day 1
08-Jul 13:00 Day 2
09-Jul 12:00 Day 3
10-Jul 12:00 Day 4


Star Sports Match Fixtures (Channel 813)

F1 World Championship 2011 – British Grand Prix
10-Jul 19:45 Main Race

World Netball Championship 2011, Singapore
10-Jul 14:25 3rd/4th
10-Jul 16:30 Final


Golf Channel Match Fixtures (Channel 815)

Barclays Scottish Open
07-Jul 21:30 (Live)
08-Jul 21:30 (Live)
09-Jul 20:15 (Live)
10-Jul 20:30 (Live)

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