Golf Simulators

CityGolf @ BSC has three FULLSWING GOLF SIMULATORS installed running the awesome and very accurate E6 software. The 50+ courses are brought to life via the 3D software which replicates the exact ball flight via the infrared tracking system. Beautiful camera angles, and the ability to change the time of the day as well as what weather you want to endure makes the gameplay extremely enjoyable.

It is not easy at first, simply because you need to allow your imagination free to trust the distances you need to hit the ball. Most first timers will struggle with the chipping and putting, but once our friendly professional staff have introduced you to the simulators and explained to you how you can maximise your time with us at CityGolf, you will soon enjoy the benefit of being able to play a full round of 18 holes in less than 30 minutes!


The current record time for 18 holes is 18 minutes (St Andrews Old Course, Scotland)

The FULLSWING Golf Simulator has been introduced into Hank Haney’s golf academies throughout the USA. If the simulator is accurate enough for Haney it is surely accurate enough for you.

A number of tour professionals have installed this golf simulator in their homes. It provides an easy way to stay fluid and spend more time with their families without having to leave the house for practice sessions. The golf simulator also seamlessly converts into a home entertainment centre with the large screen doubling as a cinema screen which can accommodate any media needing to be played.

The greatest benefit of our golf simulator? You will never again be caught by the rain and have to abandon your round.

Please contact should you wish to enquire about purchasing your very own golf simulator